Vito Vincent The Cat Animal Talent Bio

Vito Vincent the cat

Introducing Vito Vincent the cat, Vito wasn’t always in the limelight. When Vito Vincent was just 7 mos old his owners gave him up to a shelter in Brooklyn, NY. Vito Vincent was rescued from this shelter back East by Bide-a-wee and placed in its adoption center in mid-Manhattan. He was then adopted and moved to SoHo, New York. Since his adoption Vito Vincent has become a real star, appearing on Thirty Rock, Colbert Nation, and starring on Broadway in Breakfast at Tiffany's with Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones. Vito Vincent is fully trained, and his calm personality allows him to work with even the highest intensity productions and individuals.  He can now be seen in the latest episodes of Alpha House starring John Goodman on Amazon Prime.


Vito Vincent serves as an Animal Actor and Pet Therapist:

Animal Actor

Most recently, Yahoo! Shine said Vito Vincent is the most famous cat actor in the world. His credits include among others, Broadway's Breakfast at Tiffany's, Thirty Rock, Colbert Nation, Macy’s, Animal Planet, Prevention magazine, College Humor, Meow Mix, Comedy Central, Target stores, American Greetings, Pet Supplies Plus, Blue Buffalo.

Both The New York Times The Arts section and the Los Angeles Times have featured Vito Vincent the cat on the front page. Also Vito Vincent was covered by Reuters TV Los Angeles that reached over 500 broadcast companies worldwide. He is known both internationally and nationally as the smartest, most talented cat, and, kindest cat in the world.

Pet Therapy

Vito Vincent is certified complex by Pet Partners, formerly known as Delta Society. Vito Vincent scored 100% on his exam, and is the highest rated pet therapist in the world.


While most other animals, in particular cats, are only capable of either moving from A to B or sitting, Vito Vincent is capable of doing both. That is, he can remain stationary for long periods of time and can move from A to B on command when required. This trait has made him one of the most highly valuable and in demand animal actors.

Vito Vincent is highly trained with his other talents including: Vito Vincent can walk on a leash; sit, stay, come on command; jump up and across on command; and meow on command.

Vito Vincent is available for print, Internet, feature, commercial, charity, and television